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"...equal parts stevie wonder, d'angelo and prince and guaranteed to move both heart and booty...nooky jones has inverted that sound into an analog vibe that feels timeless."

-heavy rotation, national public radio

"Sophisticated, seductive and smooth neo-soul music. Brassy horns and a brassier voice. Nooky Jones is flavorful and mouthwateringly juicy. This is Minnesota’s freshest baby-making music."

-Alex Nelson, Star Tribune, Minneapolis, MN

"straddling the depths of the old school likes of marvin gaye, stevie wonder, and prince, the six-piece r&b band also borrows minimalist grooves and a neo-soul vibe  direct from d'angelo, erykah badu, and frank ocean books of love."

-danny sigelman, city pages, Minneapolis, MN

"Plain and simple, Nooky Jones is a must-see live.  Their presence, their style, and their charisma burst through at their live shows and the chemistry seen between these bandmates is the kind of thing that is only seen among a group of people who genuinely get along and love what they do."

-Marty Stock, 770AM, RadioK, Minneapolis, MN

"The verdict was clear with the entire club, Nooky Jones is the real deal...Their classic sound will appeal to anyone and everyone at all walks of life and their stage presence is second to none."

-Chris Taylor,

"Gotta see these cats in concert."

-George Harris, Jazz Weekly, Los Angeles, CA

"the vibe of nooky jones hits like big-name artists who take jazz sounds and combine them with new school r&B, soul, and hip hop, from thundercat and kendrick lamar to jazz pianist robert Glasper."

-eric best, the journal, minneapolis, mn

"Constantly cast in an air of confidence, coolness, and overall passion for music that is completely contagious"

-89.3, the current, st. paul, MN

"Nooky Jones delivers, reminding us all exactly what we're looking for...someone who passionately and steadily offers the very best of all they have to give."

-Amy Aiyegbusi, Black Grooves

Archives of African American Music and Culture 

 Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

"Nooky Jones is a name that keeps popping up around town  If you haven't seen them yet, know this: They're smooth.  Really smooth...Towards the end of the set, he sang his signature, Sweet Wine, and it was difficult not to see him as some sort of reverend, preaching a sermon of soul music."

-Casey Carlson,

"What they have that many other local bands of comparable skill don't is a strong frontman figure that audiences can latch onto.  This combined with their instrumental prowess, in my opinion, could lead them to success on a national level."

-Lucien O'Brien, The Lucien Blog

"Nooky Jones took soul in a more modern and jazzy direction.  Singer Cameron Kinghorn has a smooth, cool stage presence."

-Marcus Akre,

"Nooky Jones is another animal altogether - slow, slinky soul to get the crowd, shall we say, in the mood?  With a name like Nooky Jones, we really shouldn't be that surprised."

-Chad Werner, City Pages, Minneapolis, MN

"This is a six-piece group from Minneapolis that blends soul, jazz, R&B, and funk to create a warm, deeply grooving sound, and their band is made up of some of the most forward thinking players from this little corner of the scene." 

-Andrea Swensson, 89.3 The Current, St. Paul, MN

"They fuse R&B and soul sounds with the harmonic possibilities of jazz and the earthiness of funk - bridging the gap between people who like different kinds of music, different vibes."

"Intimate vocals were delicate and engaging, horn arrangements were harmonically and rhythmically advanced, and rhythm was tight, focused and supportive.  Like a good merlot, Nooky Jones was a little chocolatey, with hints of soul and hip hop, deliciously danceable, and with a smooth finish."

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